I play original ‘adventurous’ acoustic material.  My style is unusual, I know, being a complex mix of finger-style but packed with Rock signatures, classical phrases and jazz-funk licks. A heady combination that works beautifully live. I am largely self taught, studying master guitarists such as Davey Graham and Martin Simpson, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, but have applied what I learned to my own predilection (musical predilection, I mean). The result is, I think, quite unique; by turns picturesque, dramatic and mellifluous, but has the variety to carry an audience quite happily. I have been playing live around the country for the last six years or so, and have supported some great artists in that time; Wallis Bird, Harry Manx, Arthur Brown, Joshua James and Nick Harper amongst them.  I am currently exploring a couple of collaborative projects with artists from the world of hip-hop, jazz, trip hop  and electronica.  The first project culminated in this track with DRS and Skittles. Have a listen.

"Taking a leap away from the norm is acoustic prodigy Greg Larkin. The lack of vocals seemed to confuse people; that confusion turns to fascination when he started playing, finger-tapping the fret board like a keyboard. He creates the illusion that there are numerous guitars are playing at once. Considering that he only has two hands, this is impressive." (www.deadpress.co.uk)